AHG Master

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AHG Master Airrifle Alu buttplate
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Patented system for self-adjustment and pressure distribution.

Five individual support elements, infinitely adjustable in all directions, guarantee the perfect fit for every shoulder. Rubberized anti-slip surfaces noticeably cushion recoil and hold the rifle securely in the stock.

The narrow fit width of the upper contact element of only 18 mm as well as the lower one of only 8 mm are perfectly balanced. Each individual contact surface (contact element) is mounted on a ball and can therefore move freely in all directions. The individual contact elements can then be fixed as required.

The base plate for mounting the aluminum cap on the butt plate cantilever is provided with a scale for repeatable and reproducible height adjustment.

The upper and lower angle setting can be adjusted after opening the fixing screw by means of a fine adjustment screw and reproduced with repeat accuracy using the scale.

Technical data

Width: 25 mm

Weight: 290 g

Material: rubber / aluminum