Terms & Conditions

The provisions
applies to contracts Monard part of natural persons acting
mainly for purposes that fall outside the business. such people
hereinafter referred to as "Customer".

Monard reserves for price, text and image errors.

Company Information
Monard AB
Postridarensväg 11-19
VAT number: SE556662039801
Tel: +46 431-45 42 47

1. GDPR: General Data Protection Regulation
"We save the following personal data about our customers:Customers: First Name, Last Name, Company / Organization, Email, VAT Number, Address, Postal Code, City, Country, Phone. Orders: IP address, Email, VAT number, Address, Company, First name, Last name, Address, Postal code, City, Phone number. As a customer, you can request extract, modification or deletion of these data at any time."

2. Prices
All rates are inclusive of VAT. If you are a customer outside the European Union the VAT charges will be deducted when you choose your country. The order confirmation includes all sums together and that shows how much of the price is made up of VAT. Shipping fee is displayed on the order confirmation.

3. Guarantee
On Monards range given 2 year warranty on defects in normal use, and that error is not due to wear or the like. Lifetime guarantee for zippers. Saving Always receipt that must be presented for the warranty to be valid. Monard not replace costs repair of another workshop, service company or travel expenses if this is not agreed with us. Monard AB takes no responsibility whatsoever for the ISSF or other shooting sports association suddenly or unexpectedly, making rule changes or rule interpretations. The products and trademarks of other manufacturers are manufacturer warranties. The is no warranty for products in category Second Hand and Sale.

4. Order confirmation
Order Confirmation and amendment of orders placed via the web and email. Customer should also print and save the order confirmation with order number to its delivery has occurred.

5. Delivering and the risk of product
5.1 Unless otherwise agreed, Monard deliver the goods to the Customer. Customer shall be responsible for shipping costs, unless otherwise agreed. Customer shall taking delivery of the goods at the agreed time and place.
5.2 If the Customer does not receive the goods on time, he must replace Monard's the additional costs.
5.3 The risk of the goods passes to the customer when the goods are delivered.
5.4 Goods will be delivered to the address specified in the order.

6. Delivery
Unless otherwise stated or agreed the goods is delivered within a week of order. For custom made items the normal delivery time is 12 weeks from order's confirmation.

7. Delivery monitoring
Monard reserves the right to rest record, or cancel orders in goods that are out of stock.

8. Examination of the goods on receipt
8.1 The Customer should in their own interest, at the reception or as soon thereafter study on the product or packaging is visibly damaged and promptly notify any such damage to the Monard.
8.2 The Customer must within a reasonable time after the receipt of the goods, try if it works satisfactorily.

9. Error
Monard represent that the goods are free from defects when delivered. Monard is not responsible for deterioration resulting from such subsequently by wear and tear, neglect or improper care, the product is used for other than its intended purpose, the inappropriate actions or unauthorized intervention undertaken, the utility or installation instructions have not been followed or that incorrect installation by anyone other than Monard performed. Monard AB takes no responsibility whatsoever for the ISSF or other shooting sports association suddenly or unexpectedly, making rule changes or rule interpretations. For custom made goods see section 10. During transport damage / missing goods. Check immediately on receipt of the goods that nothing is damaged. Transport damage incurred on the item presented directly to the post office, which released the goods.

10. Error - Custom made goods
Monard are responsible for all measurements taken by Monards representatives are correct. If measurements is taken by customer himself, he/she is responsible for all the measurements are correct. Customer are also responsible for body measurements dont change significantly during the ordering period.(Eg through weight loss, weight gain, growing.). Monard is not responsible for possible differences in color shading can occur against color descriptions on the Internet or through color samples. Monard AB takes no liability whatsoever for the ISSF shooting sports or other association suddenly or unexpected make rule changes or rule interpretations.

11. Complaint
11.1 The Customer may not claim that a product is faulty, if he does not leave Monard notice of the defect within a reasonable time after he discovered or should have noticed the error (complaint).
11.2 If the customer does not complain within one month from the time he received the product, he loses his right to invoke the error, subject of a guarantee or similar pledge.

12. Rectification of errors
Monard undertakes to rectify such defects in the goods which he is responsible, if it can be done without unreasonable expense or inconvenience to him. Remediation shall be within a reasonable time from the complaint and without costs or substantial inconvenience the Customer. Monard will determine if the company wants to remedy the defect by repair or redelivery.

13. Rectification of errors - custom made products
13.1 Measurements taken by Monards representatives: Monard undertakes to remedy "dimensional errors" in the article that he is responsible for. Remediation shall be made within reasonable time after the complaint and without costs or significant inconvenience to Customer. Monard will determine if the company wants to remedy the defect by repair or redelivery.
13.2 Measurements taken by the Customer: Customer is responsible itself for any "dimensional errors". Customers can turn to Monard to remedy "dimensional errors". Prerequisite for Monard will address "dimensional errors" that the customer is responsible for the following:
1.Payment is fulfilled.
2.Customer return the item so that the control measure of goods can take place.
3.Customer control their body measurements again, and assists with other Monard information.
Monard will determine if the company wants to remedy the defect by repair or redelivery.

14. Customer involvement in remedying defects
The customer is at remedying defects liable to the extent appropriate, provide required participation, eg To submit items to the shop and after repair collect goods at the agreed time. The customer is obliged to limit costs incurred for Monard in response to remedial. In case of failure force of section 13.2 is the customer for the additional costs incurred in connection with remedial.

15. Payment
Non Swedish Customers pay by credit card. For custom made items customer prepay by credit card on demand from Monard AB.

16. The customer's right to cancel
Until the goods have been delivered, the Customer's right to cancel the item for consideration to Monard under Section 17 below. For custom made goods there are no right to cancel after 48 hours from order confirmation.

17. Monard entitled to damages
17.1 Enhances Customer purchase or canceled customer goods have Monard the right to compensation.
First specific costs which he has had to enter into and perform the Contract to the part he can not assimilate them otherwise, 2nd special costs from termination or cancellation, and 3rd loss in general with an amount that is reasonable having regard to the price of product, the date of cancellation or cancellation, the scope of a depleted work and other circumstances.

18. Right of withdrawal
18.1 The customer has the right to cancel the purchase within 14 days, provided that the goods returned in unused and undamaged condition in unopened and undamaged original packaging. If Customer repent Customer shall leave a message to Monard before the withdrawal period has expired. The period begins on the date the customer received the goods. For custom made goods the are no withdrawal.
18.2 If the Customer in addition to his right of withdrawal, the Customer shall return the goods to the Monard immediately.
18.3 The Customer is responsible for all shipping costs incurred as a result of the exercise of withdrawal.
18.4 Exercising the customer a withdrawal should be Monard within 30 days of the Monard receipt of the returned goods to pay back what the customer paid for the goods to Monard.
Freight and creditcard costs will be deducted.

19. Force Majeure
Events such as wars, virus outbreaks, natural disasters, labor market battles, government decisions, missing supplies from subcontractors, costly circumstances and similar events beyond our control, which could not be foreseen, should be attributed to force majeure. This means that Monard AB is exempted from its obligations to fulfill signed agreements.

20. Disputes
Any dispute concerning the interpretation or application of these provisions, parties in the first instance trying to resolve by agreement. The dispute may also considered by the court in Sweden.