Welcome to Monard Custom Made Configurator CMC

Here you can chose to do different things


Here you can configure your jacket/trousers and color each part after your liking. You can do it freely and we don't demand you to order. You can save up to three (3) different choices and use it at a later date if you want to make an order later.



We recommend you to first print out the measurement form so you can take the measures without a mobile or computer. When you done you go and fill in the measure form here. This has an built in measuring control based on statistic from several thousands of shooters we measured since 1994 in the age range from 15 to 65 year. These statistics update themselves so it follows the trends of humans (shooters) body chances over the years. No more wrong measures and you can feel safe measuring yourselves if no dealer is available nearby for you. When you filled in the form and its controlled you can save it and don't need to order at that time. Please remember measures are only valid for two (2) months. If you want to order after that time period please make a quick recheck of your measured.



You can start an order from scratch or you can collect your saved coloring choice(s) and measures and only fill in your contact/address details to complete the order.