TEC-HRO Handstop 600

SKU: TH10011_TG2
194 USD
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"TEC-HRO-hand stop 600" was not anatomically around stage how the vast majority of hand stops, but ergonomic shape. This shooting is the first time much less painful as before!

Furthermore, the "hand stop 600" is attached to a ball, which allows it to pivot the hand stop in all directions
Just pivoting backwards has proved to be extremely advantageous. This has the consequence that pressure sores are kept as low as possible or not even occur!
This also affects the ability to concentrate less and minimize performance degradation.
The attachment to the rifle is comfortable with a star handle. The sling swivel is "clicked" easily and without interfering jamming.
Just after the shooting would be the supporting hand as fast as you allow relief. Hassle unscrewing the sling from hand stop or pressing a button, which often caught too - thing of the past!

The "hand stop 600" revolutionized by its ergonomics, adjustability and ease the market in this sector!