Model AirRifle

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1945 EUR
Especially made for Airrifle shooting!

The “Air Rifle” model is especially made for shooting in the standing position. At the inside of the elbows Monard have inserted top-quality lycra. A high-performance synthetic suede panel provides grip for the supporting arm. The button line is made of leather and you can choose whether you want five or six buttons. The butt plate shoulder pad is made of soft suede for maximum contact and feeling. Special white rubber padding adapts optimally to the curve of the supporting elbow, and eliminates slipping and discomfort.

The trousers have a Velcro opening with four hook attachments, reversed opening sloping upwards from the inside leg. They are especially designed to give maximum support in the standing position. The cut and design increase support around upper back down towards the calf area of the legs. A full-length zip, with two slides, is inserted in the back of each leg.

The “Air Rifle” model is made out of double superlining - Our specially made canvas - with outstanding stiffness, support and durability. The perfect score of 600 have been made with "Air Rifle"!

Custom made with free color choice. Always made after the latest ISSF rules.

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