TEC-HRO Blaster Tub

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Length-adjustable barrel extension tube to find the best grouping and sight picture!

New clamping to the barrel for an optimal precisiononly 255 g leight.
Whilst developing the" TEC-HRO blaster" we turned our attention to the influence of length, diameter and weight to the groups. These and other factors like condition and connection to the barrel were phased in many tests to get optimal results. The barrel extension is variable from 155mm (retracted) to 225mm (extended). With reasoned milling grooves an optimal vibration behaviour and only 255g own weight were reached.

Attention: you need 4mm more hight at the rear-sight if you use "TEC-HRO blaster"! Delivery about 2 weeks after order - because the tube must be produced exactely on your barrel.

Therefore write us in your order your exactely barrel-diameter at the front (for example 24,02mm) and the model of your rifle (for example Anschütz Model 2013...)

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